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Me: I'm watching this really dark movie.
Brother: What's it about?
Me: A girl's parents were killed in a car crash.
Brother: -Swallows-
Me: So her sister has to raise her. Only, CPS keeps trying to take the girl away because they think that the sister's unfit to be a guardian.
Brother: Wow.
Me: And then an alien comes.
Brother: What?
Me: And other aliens are trying to hunt him. And one of them kidnaps the girl and she almost dies. But then the first alien saves her but then he almost dies. And there's an action-packed chase-scene with a volcano and a gas truck explodes.
Brother: What the heck are you watching!?
Me: Lilo and Stitch.
track name: Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)
artist: Florence + The Machine
album: Lungs
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Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)

i want to die to this


Maria Kochetkova ▷


'you haven't even seen a single episode yet give it a goddamn chance’

sorry but 5 years in i am not obligated to still to give steven moffat the benefit of the doubt

i may not have seen a single episode of S8 but i have seen the previous episodes of which there is a…


Step (2013)
Vampire Weekend

Art by Yoni Alter