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So I go to college in a really conservative state and as I was walking around on campus I saw this rainbow balloon thing wrapped around the clock. I think it’s a sign that it’s about time gay rights are accepted. Faith in humanity restored.

It’s a metaphor




Alina cojacaru in the tchaikovsky pas de deux, when she was young and now.


One of my old teachers was in the same class as her and told me in school, she wasn’t naturally super flexible but worked really hard and… bam. Prima of the entire world



my talents include:

  • a la sebesque

I feel this on an emotional level


Elena Morelli
Viareggio, Italy
Canon 5D Mark II | Hasselblad 500C/M

What has been your most difficult image to capture?

Uhm, I wouldn’t know, really. My approach to photography is very instinctual — I love taking pictures of anything that moves me, that makes me think, that fascinates me. I’ve been lucky enough to never find myself in situations in which taking the picture I wanted would be too difficult. A few times, though, I’ve taken some pics with the snow up to my thighs, but I wouldn’t define them difficult — hard, maybe, or painful.
On the other hand, there are images in my mind I’d like to capture, but I still haven’t, either because I didn’t have the time or the climate was not right or I haven’t managed yet to reach a particular location. Maybe they will turn out to be difficult, maybe not; I don’t know yet.

Tumblr: @elenamorelli
Twitter: @eletralenuvole


The Australian Ballet’s SWAN LAKE
Dancer: Lana Jones
Hair and Makeup: Ariel Vega

Murphy Made Photography (Matthew Murphy)


ouat/wicked crossover: tink’s new friend regina is in a slump. the fairy decides to take measures into her own hands and goes on a  mission to make regina popular!

original idea by [x]


Natalia Osipova rehearsing before her Swan Lake performance. Photo: Andrei Uspenski.



Story of a dress - Lyrota - Persephone Dress

10/10 would wear as queen of elves